Take a Skylift to a Children’s Dentist in Berlin!

The Kidsdocs in Berlin are finally making a visit to the dentist fun for children. Entering the practice feels like stepping into the terminal building of an airport and appointments are made in the cockpit of one of Kidsdocs Air’s airplanes. Equipped with a boarding card, it’s off to the waiting room, where real airplane seats remind you of the interior of a Boeing 747. An airport display shows which child is booked for which flight, that is, dentist. Then a stewardess escorts the little patients for their treatment in the Kidsdocs Air fleet’s plane. Here, every cabin represents a particular destination: paddling at the seaside, climbing in the mountains or an adventure in an enchanted forest. For your anxious little ones, the “magic air-masks”, “strong-and-brave juice” and thrilling in-flight television make the dental treatments fly by. After landing, you naturally pass by the baggage carousel, where little treats await to reward bravery at the dentist.

Kidsdocs Air, the adventure practice, is now setting up imaginary airlines from all European airports to Berlin. Parents can bring their children to us through an “skylift” to be treated by the Kidsdocs. Beautiful children’s teeth at jet-speed and in a pediatric practice that’s one of a kind. Here, the children are excited, not because of the treatment but because of all the great impressions which make the appointment with the Kidsdocs into a real kids event.