The „Skylift” Concept

The Kidsdocs concept “Skylift” means: dental restoration for children in just two days and under general anesthesia. This is always a sensible option for children who dislike treatment, when the tooth damage is considerable, or if there are no paediatric dentists in your country or town. The Kidsdocs are specialists in dealing with this sort of situation.

Take two days and bring your child for treatment at our practice in Berlin. We will repair your child’s teeth within a few hours, enabling you to leave our practice without any further need for treatment.

At the appointment on the first day, we will agree on what treatment your child needs, together; all based on a thorough diagnosis. The second appointment, on the next day, is for the anesthetized treatment itself, when we will be fully prepared for your child. Our anesthetists are always present and monitoring your child’s health. Finally, there is still plenty of time to recover, before you all start your journey home.

We will usually speak with you in English. If necessary, we can arrange communication through an interpreter, recommend suitable hotels and provide information on an alternative programme for accompanying siblings and other companions. We would be happy to help you in the organisation of your appointment in Berlin!

If you want quick, high-quality dental help for your child, please get in touch with us by e-mail. We will be happy to help!

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