Dental Expertise

All of Kidsdoc’s dentists and staff are specialised in paediatric treatment, with the social and emotional expertise to meet the highest demands. The design of the practice and the adventure concept are purely a reflection of our little patients’ wishes. Since 1998, we have based our treatment on the scientifically-sound paediatric dentistry concept developed in the USA. Our dentists have all completed a two-year specialised paediatric dentistry education and have many years of experience.

Paediatric dentist Dr. Agostini completed her Master’s degree in Paediatric Dentistry in the USA and worked there for several years as a university lecturer. Many of us have children ourselves.

We work with the most modern materials and are, in many cases, able to preserve baby teeth which would elsewhere be removed.

Our pediatric anesthetists also possess excellent skills and know-how. Using highly professional surgical technology, they assure safety in anaesthetised treatments large and small. The anesthetists are former senior consultants at the university hospital in Berlin, with many years of experience. They are at our side during throughout the entire period of treatment and supervise the health of our little patients. Naturally, the recovery rooms are equipped with monitoring devices. Our professionalism guarantees the greatest level of safety for your child!